RMF Leadership



Florine has been with RMF since February of 2013. She came to us with over 30 years of experience in accounting, auditing, financial reporting, human resources, manufacturing, distribution and service-based businesses. We don’t know what she loves more – keeping our books honest, or the easy access to Chocolate Trio Trail Mix.

Mark Webb

Director of Operations

Mark has been with RMF for 30 years and counting. In that time, he’s been an oil roaster, mixer, packager, production manager, IT manager, and finally an operations director. He loves everything from roasting to shipping, and in all that time, with all that experience, Mark has come to enjoy our Sweet Cajun Fire® Trail Mix the most. That should tell you something.

Mark Roper

VP of Sales

Mark has been with RMF since June 2014. Mark has over 30 years sales experience in the snack industry developing budgets, executing contracts and developing promotional plans. He specializes in brand building and recognition. He understands the secret mix that goes into every great relationship and has taking a liking to Peanut Passion Trail Mix.

Rachelle Karpeles

Director of PD and QA

Rachelle joined RMF in October 2015 and brings over 20+ years of food science experience in both product development and quality assurance. She has an in-depth knowledge of process development and food safety in manufacturing. She snacks on Big Island Blend to keep the creative juices flowin’.